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03. Jan 12

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I will design any flyer or banner for $5

We have a talented team of web designers and are looking to expand our portfolio. We will design any flyer, banner or header image for your website to your exact requirements for just $5!

28. Dec 11

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Apple Television Must Crack the Customizable Conte...

Apple may have cracked the code to creating an integrated, easy-to-use television, as co-founder Steve Jobs famously told his biographer, Walter Isaacson. But the challenge of co...

14. Nov 11

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Kindle Fire by Amazon Reviewed

It seems like ages since Amazon introduced us to the $199 Fire at a hectic New York City event, but in truth that was only about six weeks ago. Maybe our perception of time is warped because we'v...

02. Nov 11

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Problem: You can't code. Solution: Visit Code Acad...

Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends. Start with multiple exercises on the widely popular Javascript programming languag...

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mashed up

Cheat sheets are useful code reference charts which provide Developers and Web Designers with various code markup which serve as “shortcuts “around heavy laden coding on the part of the de...

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10 Essential Differences Between HTML4 and HTML5 ...

HTML5 is the new version of the HTML standard and sooner or later every web developer will find themselves working with this newer standard and many of us may find it easier to build a site from scrat...

26. Oct 11

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Using Social Media Effectively | usmanakhtar on Xa...

Using Social Media Effectively | usmanakhtar on Xanga

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Your web design is the world to technology and soc...

The Social Media plays an important role, if you are running a small business and do not use the social media to communicate with your customers, then you a

25. Sep 11

Best Investment Plans for Today

When anyone successfully put aside a bit of money, they look for a way to invest it. But what is the best investment plan today? Easy money will not create

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Predictions Are Hard Especially About The Future

Last week Tyler Cowen, Bryan Caplan, and Karl Smith were talking about their optimistic and pessimistic forecasts for the future. I take it the goal here is in some sense to forecast relative to the c...


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